I’ve been living in Guatemala for almost a month now. My mom has been asking a lot of questions about my when my next blog post will be and when I’m going to post my pictures, so I figured it’s about time I do both. These are for you, mom!



My neighborhood in Xela, where I attended Spanish immersion school. Miss it!!



The view from my 2 hour hike to the tip top of Volcano Chicabal.



I’m a sucker for some pretty flowers.



1 million stairs. Or at least it felt like it.



The view from the hike. The flowers were left over from a Mayan ceremony- obviously a kodak moment.





One of my first outings in Xela- the cemetery. Almost everyone is buried above ground in these colorful graves.




A very fancy grave sight.



This was the view on the walk to the Fuentes Georginas. Just the right amount of spooky.



This picture doesn’t show for it, but these waves were gnarly.



Beach side view from a stunning black sand beach.



I stole this coconut from a friend just to get this picture…worth it.



This dog might have been mangy, but friendly nonetheless. I named him Arthur.



A night out of karaoke and shots with my Celas Maya friends. I miss you people dearly!!!



A woman without a man is like a fish without a bicycle. Captured this pic while in the bathroom at a bar in Xela- loved it.



Spanish scrabble on my last day of class with my dear teacher Carlos.



Countless women with countless stories from Trama in Xela.



First sighting of Lake Atitlan. It’s good to be back!




The swinging bridge to Nueva Providencia. Beautiful but a little scary…I’m lying, a lotta scary.





Sweet sweet Jennifer snacking on some tasty watermelon. Love this little one!



A couple of awesome kiddos from one of the stove sights. Adorable!


Ok- sorry it’s not more but that’s all I have to show for this month. I have been really busy doing construction work with the mission and taking pictures often slips my mind. Next month I will try to post again with more photos. Anyway, for those who are wondering, I am absolutely loving my time in Guatemala. I have been truly touched by the people, culture, and work I have been involved with in my short time here so far. (to make a long story short) 🙂

Thanks for reading once again. I hope everyone is well at home. Until next time!



3 thoughts on “Mi Vida Guatemalteca

  1. Beautiful pictures! I enjoyed reading about you adventures. Look forward to what you have to share next month. Yes that bridge looked very scary!


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